program coordinator

Dr. Sue Corrigan
BSc (Pharm), ACPR, Pharm D

Avena Guppy - 480x480.jpg


Ms. Avena Guppy


Manager, LMPS

Dr. Adil Virani
BSc (Pharm), Pharm D, FCSHP


Program Coordinator

  • Responsibilities outlined in Standards documents

Program Administrative Assistant

  • Acts as a resource to residents and preceptors for program administration issues

  • Assists with scheduling-related processes

  • Assists with evaluation-related infrastructure and is the primary contact for one45-related issues for residents and preceptors

Program Director   

  • Responsibilities outlined in Standards documents

Residency Advisory Council (RAC)

Clinical Coordinators (all teaching sites)

  • Assist the Program Coordinator in ensuring an environment conducive to learning is in place at sites where residents are placed

  • Assist the Program Coordinator when adapting residents' schedule is necessitated by personnel changes

  • Assist the Program Coordinator in setting up particular learning opportunities (e.g, presentations, oral assessments) at sites

  • Provide general support to residents while on site

BC Pharmacy Practice Residency Programs Committee (PPRPC)

BC Chief Resident(s) and LMPS Chief Resident(s)